Monday, March 24, 2008

First Salvo

A few years back, near the end of the "WWJD" craze, I started thinking about similar ways to phrase a clarifying, faith-oriented, litmus-style question, but ways that would be not only more widely applicable but also not linked in most people's minds to a narrow and predefined theological perspective. What I came up with was "Would Jesus Give a Rat's Ass About This?" (abbreviated "WJGARAAT").

My original plan was to design and market a line of bracelets, t-shirts, and caps emblazoned with this bold motto and make enough money to retire . . . but I never got around to it.

In retrospect, this blog is probably a more appropriate use. I don't really want to retire yet, but more importantly, one of my most enduring convictions is that much of what passes as non-negotiable in many Christians circles are issues about which Jesus could not care less.

So, fond as I am of colorful colloquialisms, there was something irresistible about WJGARAAT as the name of a venue for airing some of my mind's more aromatic mulch. I hope it will also serve as the starting point for meaningful dialogue.



Anonymous said...

pretty good start
looking forward to reading more.

Tommy said...

Hey Keith,
You did DaVinci presentation for us in Woodville a couple of years ago, enjoyed that a great deal. Keep up the blogging. I would enjoy reading your opinions on WJGARAAT. Found the blog on HGST web site. Keep it up.
My blog is at

guy m williams said...

this is one of my all-time favorite expressions, and you've converted it into a most practical question for theology, mission, and ministry.

sure, the armbands and t-shirts are unlikely, but the continuing education seminar angle may still be in play!